Jun 15, 2016

Bulan Ramadhonn.

Assalamualaikum and hellooo!

Selamat berpuasa you guys! even dah masuk puasa yang ke 10 but still it didnt late i thought. heee fasa pertama puasa dah lepas. ni nak masuk 2nd phase, hope masih diberi kekuatan, kesihatan yang baik untuk jalankan ibadah puasa.

Btw, since rajin sangat nak update blog. takda laa rajin sebenarnya. tengok kak FL update her blog baru beriya nak update mine LOL.

last entry I talked about musim exam. hm exactly today 2 weeks just past since we just finished our exam week. thanks Allah I can manage to do it well. eventhou susah like susah sebab any spots yang kitorang target and lecturer give to us didnt come out. So konsep tawakal jawap apa yang kau tahu based on general knowledge and ingatan campur aduk sikit subject itu ini, I did it well.

Tak laa time exam rasa macam gosh my pointer will be go down.

after pre result had been release.

It turn out well. Beyond my expected and even more than my target.

I didnt bring back my homework book note home I guess since I search around cant find it anywhere so tak boleh nak compare with my target.

waiting for the real result to come out to see grade for my subject. but i think my FYP1 help me a lot! big thanks to Sir Donnavan. sobs. walaupun ada tragedi presentation yang menyedihkan.

oh I'll update entry about it after I finish this entry. something I learn a lot about life. 

tapi masa tengok result tu rasa happy at the same time monologue with myself like,

I did so many wrongggg things but Allah still help me. Rasa macam kufur nikmat sangat sangat. but He still showered me with nikmat yang banyak sangat. 

Hope He help me to go out from this path. really hope. sempena bulan baik ini try my hard. 

Tu jelaaa kot.

Selamat Berpuasa.
Hope it will bring many happiness return to us. increase our imaan and amal.

Much love!

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