Feb 20, 2016

#1 Random: Obsesi Terhadap Sesuatu

Assalamualaikum and hellooo!

Decide to write about it as my future reading. Either success or not to take the challenges made to myself. As I stated at twitter, I've an obsession towards reading yang mana bila aku figure out it turn out to be soooooo bad. No reading isn't bad. But the obsession is. 


2 days I'm lying on my bed. Of course laaa tak 24 hours. but it take more than nearly 9 hours only per day lying on my bed reading Wattpad. and now rasa badan lemah je -__-

So i've decided to uninstall wattpad on my phone after 2 days. Actually i'm working on FYP. I need to prepare for defend proposal since there is few day left and only few hours tolak makan minum pi kelas waktu malas waktu tidur and so on. 

So masa tu tinggal sikit je. So I need to manage my time well. That is why decided to uninstall that since it take my time a lot. I cant control myself to stop if I've started. Annnnnnd decided to uninstill facebook, twitter and all social media excluded instagram to stop myself from living on social media planet.

So it just only few hours ago since I decided that but tangan ni dia macam automatic tau bila ambik phone, the first thing that I want to open up is social store which located all my social media account. But realize oh I just uninstall it after not seeing twitter icon so put away again my phone. It happened few times.

So bila dah jadi macam tu rasa my obsession for social media agak teruk jugak. So better do something. I want my free life where I can stand alone without phone. 


Pernah juga fikir after habis belajar ni nak close all my accound for good but its such a waste as my old friends all there. So decide keep it but never use it. 

Hope my life will getting better after this.

Obsession is a disease. Only strong people can fight with it. 

Hope I'm strong enough :)

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