Jun 25, 2015


Aassalamualaikum peoplee. 

Currently 1.03am, 8 ramadan. June 25th. Ehey.

Tadi, around 4pm. Result sem 2 for degree release. Hm tak harap tinggi sangat, rendah pun tak. Just i've my target tapi kalau tak achieve pun I tak kisah :) saja suka-suka buat target. Lagipun its for my self satisfaction. Nak tengok kemampuan I macam mana. Hahaa.

Alhamdulillah, it come out well :)

Siapa tak happy kan? 
Tapi happy simpan sendiri.
Share happiness only with people who always support me. Family, juairah, yermak, jelitawan :)

Tapi, takut actually. Takut tak boleh nak maintain.
I dont want to climb too fast as i might be can fall down.

Tapi apapun thanks to people who always support me. Zuhairahhhh, nak kena mention banyak kali hahahaaaa sebab dia banyak ada time aku meroyan, gembira eh semualah.

May success always be with us, insyaAllah. Amin :)

See again
Xoxo; ila

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