May 24, 2015

Final Sem 2

assalamualaikum ,

Berhabuk sangatt blog ni. Sorry sayangggg. Last update pun masa januari after juara lagu. Now dah bulan 5 nak masuk 6 dah. Bapeee bulan dah tu. Hewhewww but still at same year. Lagi sedih kalau setahun sekali je update. Hahahaa!

Minggu final dah start datang balik. Paper start rabu yeay! Lambat gilaaa start. Heh. Orang dah habis kita last day pun ada paper lagi. Wuwuwuuu.

Jadual exam.

Warehouse management




May Allah ease everything. 
Too much happen in this sem. Hope it wont bother me to get good result. As niat I just nak my parents smile on my achievement je. 

So benda-benda yang langsung tak contribute dengan my life memang I put aside jelaa. As long im okey. It will be okey InsyaAllah.

Because, they witness how hard im am to keep positive all the time that everything will back to normal. But all the positive that i keep just disappear when people doesnt help it at all. So i'm give up.

I know give up people mean they are failed. Tapi takpe laa. Better be this way. 

There is a lot actually i want to share. But sometimes, some story better keep it myself. 

May Allah be with you always. Good luck. Chin up and put smile on your face. Dont show your sadness. Be a good actress. Dont let other know your sadness. Sebarkannn kebahagian. Sebarrrkan positive vibes. 

Haha. Should stop this.
Till then,
See you in next entry :)

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