Jan 4, 2015

New Year!

assalamualaikum and helloooo gais!

K. It is have been 5 months since my last entry. pity you blog! Sorry i spend too much time on twitter. Okey 2014 just say good bye! And now it is currently 2015 and i'm turning 22 in this march! cepatnya masa. Baru rasa semalam habis espiem. Heh! 

Eh tak lupa, happy 4th anniversary to you blog! 4 years you are with me. If I dah ada anak and deret setahun satu, dah 4 anak I ada tahu. Hihii.

My new year start well. Not so well laa since i've final exam. Eh I just further my study. Same place same environment. I just too love mitec you know. Hiks

New year spend well with the ladies

At first, ateen and shitah join us but they just stayed for a day. The rest, we spend time together with mimi, sya, ziyra and me.

Budak ni tak ingat exam still ada dua paper tinggal. mentang gap 6 hari kennn. Whatever it is my notes are ready. Just need to do some revision. *ayat nak sedapkan hati.

Btw, thanks korang. 3 days 3 nights spend well. Thanks for the time. Sorry not invest much since mara tak dapat lagi :( 

Thanks for the warm words. I'll try my best but to promise to make it happen for every sem, dont know either i can make it or not.

You gais know me well rite. i'm the one who's not put much effort on study. Korang start study, I layan korea. Korang masuk tidur, I baru hegeh-hegeh bukak notes. You guys bangun tidur, I dengan cerita korea lagi. 

Sampai korang yang stress tengok my time management. I know i'm not take things serious but can deadly serious if the situation need me to so. Hiks 

Just, continue praying for each other success okey? Hope our path will be ease by Him. 

Happy New Year everyone.
Much love;

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