Jul 26, 2014

Gambar yang penipu.

assalamualaikum and heyy.

3 months since last entry. Uuuu.
Okey this is just my random thought.

Scrolling instagram. Seeing people's pictures. They are look happy from the picture. But is it in reality they enjoy the meeting?

Maksud aku. Kau lepak ngan kenkawan kau.
Tangkap gambar and upload masuk insta. From picture, nampak best gila hoi diorang lepak sesama dengan member but is it in reality, diorang yang dalam gambar tu really enjoy with their own friend.

Jumpa. Tangkap gambar. Upload insta. Sembang but mata tengok phone. Tangan scrolling phone. Replying comment cakap you enjoy the meeting.

But. Is it you really enjoy the meeting?

#sometimes picture can lie.
That's just randomness thought of mine.

Bye. Selamat hari raya btw. Kalau rajin will upload raya's picture. If not, bye.

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