Feb 16, 2014

random things

assalamualaikum and helloooo!

2 weeks past smoothly and my industry training just okay. not so busy and not so boring too. other workers also was fine and very kind. selalu belanja iols makan. ihiks. see yaaa i'll be like a balloon when i start my degree. hahaa. insyaAllah for degree thing :)

i just remove my blog link at twitter. and soon maybe at my insta account. well aku fikir nak jadikan this blog as my bahan bacaan for my future of course. and dont want too many people know bout the existing. naaaa maybe i should start to slow down my activity on internet. not too active telling all the world what i'm doing. 

but i still can't manage to slow down using twitter. i have another account. it's more private and of course not every people know about the existing. even i rarely tweet at that account. so maybe someday i'll just use that account but noajila account i'll just ignore. i mean not to delete it since there is lots of my friends there. just watching them from far and rarely tweet there. need to control myself. its not easy for me. not easy.

and facebook pun, so far alhamdulillah. i can manage it properly. lot's of info even picture i just delete and hide from other user view. bukan senang nak buang benda yang dah jadi kebiasaan. and tu semua perlukan masa. 

i've my own reason yang aku tak reti nak tulis dalam bentuk ayat. 
so that's all maybe. 

see again next entry. insyaAllah
xoxo; ila

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