Feb 20, 2014

practical thing

assalamualaikum and hoyeahh!

i'm currently at mbsa bengkel. too awkward too call it office even it actually an office. small office :) i'm just doing well but at here there is less work to do. which when they give me work to to, i'll try to finish it as fast as i can. even on lunch time, when they lets me to join take nap, i refuse to do so. dah biasalah siapkan kerja cecepat. lagipun tidur kejap. headache.

i'm not complaint, but just a lil bored. i can see myself as workaholic. back then, i think, if a guy being workaholic person, it doesn't matter. but if a girl? you know what i mean? i can't explain what i want to spill it out. then just ignore.

but i just love the environment where less gossip at here. don't have any problem. still try to adapt new environment eventhou 3 weeks just past. i mean, try to get long with other guy staff. 

such a wasteful i don't have any smartphone. i can't update directly and can't snap a photo to put here. maybe next time. so that's all.

see me on next entry. insyaAllah.
xoxo; ila.

p/s; sorry if there is grammar error. i'll tried to improve my bi :) see yah!


  1. good luck yer sis.i'm still student n no have experience as a worker.ngehngeh.

  2. It's okay to have error in the writing, everyone does it. At the end of the day, at least you tried. The efforts that counts. Keep it up.