Feb 1, 2014

Life update.

assalamualaikum ,

Hellooo! First of february :) Alhamdulillah still can breath normally dengan izinNya.

I dont know what to update here since im not in a mood to writing for now on. I mean, even there is an interesting event happened, im not in an excited mood to update. Just a normal update from a bored girl like me. Ehee.

Little things about an event happened that filled myself with happiness. and brigt smileeeee.

My result.
After worked hard, my final year result turn to something that I can bangga with myself. Eheeeee. Happy! Yah y'know im not soooo pandai. But Allah tengok effort. 

Tak pandai + usaha = berjaya.
Tak pandai + malas = selesa dengan apa adanya.

"Allah tak ubah nasib hambaNya melainkan dia yang ubah dirinya sendiri"

I read on someone's blog. Her bf write for her when she feel upset when people judging her when she tried to change to become a good one. And I love the words and want to share with you :)

Dunia akhir zaman ni, ada dua manusia yang berjaya.
1) manusia yang berjaya dengan usahanya sendiri dan bersaing secara sihat.
2) manusia yang berjaya dengan menjatuhkan orang disekelilingnya.

So which one we're? Pilihan kita :)
till then, pray for my practical training. 3rd feb will start.

Kawen lambat lagi. There is lot of things I need to do. LOL
xoxo; ila

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