Feb 20, 2014

practical thing

assalamualaikum and hoyeahh!

i'm currently at mbsa bengkel. too awkward too call it office even it actually an office. small office :) i'm just doing well but at here there is less work to do. which when they give me work to to, i'll try to finish it as fast as i can. even on lunch time, when they lets me to join take nap, i refuse to do so. dah biasalah siapkan kerja cecepat. lagipun tidur kejap. headache.

i'm not complaint, but just a lil bored. i can see myself as workaholic. back then, i think, if a guy being workaholic person, it doesn't matter. but if a girl? you know what i mean? i can't explain what i want to spill it out. then just ignore.

but i just love the environment where less gossip at here. don't have any problem. still try to adapt new environment eventhou 3 weeks just past. i mean, try to get long with other guy staff. 

such a wasteful i don't have any smartphone. i can't update directly and can't snap a photo to put here. maybe next time. so that's all.

see me on next entry. insyaAllah.
xoxo; ila.

p/s; sorry if there is grammar error. i'll tried to improve my bi :) see yah!

Feb 16, 2014


helloooo back!

hamboi, kemain rajin ku hapdate belog ehhh. hahahaaaa. okay bukan info or some important thing pun just nak bagitau yang aku baru perasan yang belog ku ini sudah mencecah usia.

3 tahun 1 bulan 2 minggu dan 1 hari

pada waktu di tulis

terasa macam baru je sign up! hahaaa. k
3 tahun kalau kawen and ada rezeki maybe dah ada sorang anak. LOL
so doakan untuk jodoh sayew since usia saya pun makin hari makin ke tua even im just on my early twenty.
but, doakan memerlukan masa untuk di approve kan? yes i'm believe on that.
Dia tak approve cecepat because there is a great plan waiting.
so sabar!

so see yaa on next entry. insyaAllah
xoxo; ila

random things

assalamualaikum and helloooo!

2 weeks past smoothly and my industry training just okay. not so busy and not so boring too. other workers also was fine and very kind. selalu belanja iols makan. ihiks. see yaaa i'll be like a balloon when i start my degree. hahaa. insyaAllah for degree thing :)

i just remove my blog link at twitter. and soon maybe at my insta account. well aku fikir nak jadikan this blog as my bahan bacaan for my future of course. and dont want too many people know bout the existing. naaaa maybe i should start to slow down my activity on internet. not too active telling all the world what i'm doing. 

but i still can't manage to slow down using twitter. i have another account. it's more private and of course not every people know about the existing. even i rarely tweet at that account. so maybe someday i'll just use that account but noajila account i'll just ignore. i mean not to delete it since there is lots of my friends there. just watching them from far and rarely tweet there. need to control myself. its not easy for me. not easy.

and facebook pun, so far alhamdulillah. i can manage it properly. lot's of info even picture i just delete and hide from other user view. bukan senang nak buang benda yang dah jadi kebiasaan. and tu semua perlukan masa. 

i've my own reason yang aku tak reti nak tulis dalam bentuk ayat. 
so that's all maybe. 

see again next entry. insyaAllah
xoxo; ila

Feb 1, 2014

Life update.

assalamualaikum ,

Hellooo! First of february :) Alhamdulillah still can breath normally dengan izinNya.

I dont know what to update here since im not in a mood to writing for now on. I mean, even there is an interesting event happened, im not in an excited mood to update. Just a normal update from a bored girl like me. Ehee.

Little things about an event happened that filled myself with happiness. and brigt smileeeee.

My result.
After worked hard, my final year result turn to something that I can bangga with myself. Eheeeee. Happy! Yah y'know im not soooo pandai. But Allah tengok effort. 

Tak pandai + usaha = berjaya.
Tak pandai + malas = selesa dengan apa adanya.

"Allah tak ubah nasib hambaNya melainkan dia yang ubah dirinya sendiri"

I read on someone's blog. Her bf write for her when she feel upset when people judging her when she tried to change to become a good one. And I love the words and want to share with you :)

Dunia akhir zaman ni, ada dua manusia yang berjaya.
1) manusia yang berjaya dengan usahanya sendiri dan bersaing secara sihat.
2) manusia yang berjaya dengan menjatuhkan orang disekelilingnya.

So which one we're? Pilihan kita :)
till then, pray for my practical training. 3rd feb will start.

Kawen lambat lagi. There is lot of things I need to do. LOL
xoxo; ila