Dec 10, 2013

Final Year Project Presentation

assalamualaikum and hellooo bloggeriann!

such a long time not updating my blog. 1 month and a half since the 1st of october. been busy with my assignment, presentation, lecture and fyp as well.

btw, i want to express my happy towards along and his wife kak odah. 
happy married both of youu. tsk. dah besar dah kita semua sebenarnya

and sedihnya, i cant attend along side wedding day cause i've fyp presentation on 17th dec. too bad mitec arrange the present on that day.

oh, pray for our presentation. may it become successful with flying color. 
currently i'm busy finish the report. oh have an appointment with my supervisor at 11.30am but  now it is 11.58am. so malay laaaa you! hahaaa.

okey bye. see you soon. 

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