Jul 27, 2013

Salam Nuzul Quran

assalamualaikum and helloooo!

haih berhabuk habuk belog. dah nak masuk bulan 8 dah. last update 30may. lama okeyyy. like seriously takdak masa nak update. balik kerja dah penat. hm. i loveeee my study time :D

btw there are lotsa things yang aku buat holiday ni.
haritu jumpa zuharah kat times square. thankyou darling for beryl's tiramisu white chocolate. my favourite chocolate everrr.

then picnic with syaira, myee and lya with lya's family and myee's sister kat air terjun serendah. pictures kat phone and i'm too lazy to transfer it to my lappy. 

then jumpa annissa and her friend zati. hangout and shopping dekat jalan TAR. herherr. and today i'm going out for iftar with my girlfriendsss. can't wait for it !

me with the kids and other workers


this entry should be post semalam. tapi lupa nak publish. teruk betul azilaa.

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