May 12, 2013

Online Shopping Tips

assalamualaikum , 

hahaa i'm still in exam week. there are 4 paper left. since it weekend and my paper on monday which it tomorrow, blerghh! ah let's chillin' up !

tak yakin dengan online shopping?
so this is some tips for uols yang nak shopping secara online. 

1. korang kena tahu that online site okey or not by reading customers feedback.

2. then, if korang nak beli some blouse, dress  etc, check the material. is it suitable for uols or not.

3. make sure uols punya size correctly. tak ada lah nanti beli terbesar or terkecik. at the end baju tu just buat collection je.

4. ask an advise from your friends! may be mata uols rambang then taktau nak pilih yang mana and then salah pilih lepas tu tak sesuai when you are wear it. so ask some advise.

5. don't stick on one site. try to look other too. maybe ada site lain yang offer benda sama tapi dengan harga yang murah sikit. hei even murah dua tiga ringgit but still nak murah kan? so rajin sikit. hahaa

so that's some tips from me. hope it help. well doakan my next paper. 


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