Jan 23, 2013


assalamualaikum and evening people,

my mum just called me an hour ago, she's told me that my family. yang ada kat rumah sekarang having a fever. and also, my mbah wedok ( jawa called grandmother as a mbah wedok while grandfather is mbah lanang ) warded since a week ago cause of kidney failure. actually she's need to do a dialisis for that, but maybe she's skip doing that so it's effect to her stomach. i don't know the detail. hope everything gonna be okey.

like seriously i'm here studying in johore, so sometimes being worried far apart with them. may Allah protect them. insyaAllah. amin. i'm keep praying for their health.

the weather nowadays also one of the effect of the fever. so for you guys, please don't skip to take mineral water. so yeah. keep praying and put your trust on HIM :) 

dengan nama Allah, aku berserah kepadaNya. insyaAllah
btw, tomorrow is maulidur rasul. and it's thursday. puasa sunat jom. sesama kita mencari redha.


time belajar biar bersusah-susah. supaya lagi beringat - mak

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