Nov 10, 2012

It's a real life; gay

assalamualaikum and morning! :)

as usual, wake up in the early morning. check mention first. and check text. me smile :)

then can't sleep, again. imma just tweet randomly as usual, and baru tahu one of my follower is gay. because today is their anniversary so that guy tweet to his lover to wish. imma just tweet via bb. so can't view the twitpic. when i see he have a blog, lelaju turn on my lappy then start to blogwalking at his blog. 

yes, dia berani to show off  that he's a gay. some gay, tak berani to show openly. imma just okey. start interview him. how to know the different between normal guy and a gay. then he said, gay mostly more too metrosexual and smart. 

then I cakap, susah nak tahu sebab they are not officially said, hey imma gay! nope. and he's just said, only gay know a gay. and some other question. 

both of them handsome you know. seriously. we can't blame them. they have their own reason being like that for sure. just doa someday they will change for a better people. imma just think about their family.

to him, if you read this. I'm not support. imma just being open. it's not you destination in life. believe me :)

 family. Allah SWT indeed 

couple weeks ago, i ask nazreen. how to know the different between a normal guy and a gay. and today i'm interviewing the real ones. thanks! imma not mention your name to respect :)

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