Oct 31, 2012

teenage crisis

assalamualaikum dear fellas,

im 19. and will turn 20 next year.

and lately ni selalu fikir pasal hidup. teenager crisis. that is not about love, friends or family. but it's 'something' that i feel i missing it somewhere. i know that's about what. i just can't explain it. can't describe it with words.

maintain or to be more better.
this two words keep bother me.

i'm just being alone lately. staying in my room. muhasabah diri. mana satu pilihan hati. i wanna be like an nissa. she's my inspiration. pray for me. for my goodness. for my future :)

p/s: pelik. usually people who is same age with me have a crisis about love. but me? crisis with life. and that is me. azila.

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