Aug 23, 2017

Working Life

Hai assalamualaikum gent and ladies.

7 months already as an industrial worker and I'm exhausted! I think this is not suit me as my soul dying slowly. My happiness slowly faded away.

But lucky me, I have few friends who cheer me up. I didnt show that i'm not happy. Just follow the flow. If im tired then i'll stop and search for new environment. But as for now, still try to loveeee what i'm doing

Getting back to write anything that I want, I miss my old time when I can write my thought, when I can observe people freely. During the old time, the stress still there but when you are happy, it can be handle.

Aa whatever. Stay strong and follow the flow.

If you're tired azila. Stop.

Rest and continue wont work as your soul would be dying soon.

Love yourself. If selfish can help you. Be selfish.